Monday, November 2, 2009


here's a story i just shared with a friend:

on halloween, i had just left the local grocery store with a sandwich in hand. i paused to buy a newapaper from a local vendor, and i then chose my route home. this day, i chose to walk through the neighborhood streets, as it was halloween, and the mainroads were bombarded with children and their pumpkin shaped buckets full of halloween candy. as i made my way through the neighborhood, eating my sandwich while reading the front page of the paper, an elderly gentlemen and his wife stopped me. his wife, held a huge grin on her face, as her arm was tightly clasped her husband. he held a clear ziplock bag filled with fun-size snickers bars. he reached into his bag, and pulled out a candy bar and handed it to me, as he did so, he remarked, "what a cute costume!" i laughed a little and gave an ecstatic "thank you!" for his kindness, and went along my way.

but here's the thing, i wasn't in costume. i was in my normal clothing. in fact, it was one of those days where you put on the perfect outfit. you know what i mean?

afterwards, my mind was quickly flooded with the warnings i received as a kid: "don't take candy from strangers," etc. and everything about that situation went against what my mom taught me as a child...i ate the candy bar for dessert last night...sorry mom...

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Jendar said...

if a cute old couple gives me candy, ill eat it glad you ate yours.