Saturday, December 19, 2009

stir it up.

as mentioned earlier, i spent this past weekend in ohio for gold's wedding. with bob marley as our soundtrack, here is what occurred:

best friends reunited at last.

typical troublemakers.

three mischievous bridesmaids with the bride and groom at the sangeet.

we were henna'd.

so official.

gold's the master dancer.

we know how to get down with it.

post temple. ang politely reminded me of how white i am. thanks ang, i wouldn't have known otherwise...

all the single ladies with the one who got a ring put on it.

if only you were aware of how many versions of this exact same photo, with all the same faces have been accumulated over the years...

ang thought it would be a good idea to give herself a nose job right before pictures.

reception hall.

sara told this kid that ang tasted like sugar. the result? the kid viciously trying to to bite ang. it was one of the funniest moments all weekend.

mr. & mrs. coleman's first dance.

what wedding reception does not have tahitian dancers?

the men learning to hula. some were a little more successful than others...

thought we would put the center pieces to some good use.

sara caught the bouquet. is she next? will i be traveling next summer to be, yet again, another bridesmaid? i may have to get another closet just for all of my bridesmaid dresses...

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