Wednesday, December 16, 2009


the holiday season is all about delicacies and indulgences in our diets...hence why most people place "getting into shape" at the top of their new year's resolution list.

i have an indulgence that i partake of a little too generously during the holiday season, which is listening to delilah. i just love it during the christmas time. i laugh and i cry while listening to her program, while she spins christmas favorites from dolly parton, etc.

while listening to her program last night, i learned two things: 1. she has her very own christmas song. 2. her daughter's name is laneequah, and for some reason both of these facts caught me a little off guard.

one more bonus fact about this local, seattle celebrity is that she has a clothing store called, "hoochie wear." wha???? oh delilah...

ps...for some reason, i realized that i really wish that jennifer lopez was still j.lo and that she was still jenny from the block....that's all. 

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