Friday, December 4, 2009


erin: 1; postman: 0

that's right. this week the postman and i got into a squabble. really the postman was not involved at all, and it was me getting into a squabble with him.

you see, i went to the post office on tuesday to buy stamps for my christmas cards. there is a little bonus tlc added to them, so i asked the post office if i would need to add more postage. he replied no, just as long as my cards are not larger than the measurements he had just shown me. so the next morning i confidently and proudly placed my christmas cards in the mail box. i came home that evening to find my postcards still in the box, with a note scribbled by my postman: "erin, these need more postage."

i was appalled and, surprisingly, offended. i'm not sure why i took this so personally, but i felt like my postman was trying to undermine me and the entire federal mailing system...okay, maybe not really...but i am a bit stubborn, and i asked just the day before about this very matter. so, yesterday, i went back to the post office...waited in another half-hour long line (apparently everyone is into mailing packages early this year), and i talked to sonja. she immediately loved my cards, and asked if i had done part of them by hand. i said yes, and proudly showed her the callous on my thumb that was a result from the needlepoint. she loved it, showed her coworker, and agreed that i wouldnt need more postage, but just to be sure she would check with the head postmaster of their branch.

in the back, i heard them talking about how much they loved the cards, and then she returned and said not only was the postage just fine, but she was going to manually put them into the system, just to be sure that they didn't get ruin. and she also said that for all the other ones i make to just bring them to her and she will take care of me.

did you hear that mr. postman? you just got played! huzzah!!!

maybe, now i will make her a christmas card...


Kurt said...

Love it.

Hans said...

i went to the post office to mail a large package, waited in line, paid for everything and then it showed up to my house the next day, returned to sender, requesting additional postage. and that's when i mailed them some anthrax... two can play that game.

Little Lisa said...

It's good to have friends in high places.