Tuesday, October 11, 2011

calendar of events.

i do best when i keep busy. and the next six to eight weeks are leaving me pleased as a peach:

  • oct. 15: zzzzzzzzzommmmmbbbiiieeeee waaaallllkkkk
  • oct. 16: jendar! + austin!
  • oct. 21: a gashlycrumb affair
  • oct. 22: the good ol' state fair o' texas
  • oct. 29: halloweenie magic
  • nov. 4-6: collin visits!!!!!!
  • nov. 18-20: a twilight weekend of mystery
  • nov. 21-26: marfa, tx or bust with imri!!!! 
  • dec. 3: baby brother grows up. 
oh man. my heart is overwhelmed with all the excitement of events, and especially the visitors. seriously. 

ps. it looks like i am free the weekend of nov. 12...any takers????

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