Sunday, October 30, 2011

late leigh.

oh. hey. life has been splendidly busy and full of adventures. here are the highlights:

zoooooooooommmmmmmbbbbbiiiiiiieeeeeeeee waaaaallllllllkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk:

 zombies are nothing but patriotic:

the most delightful reunion (not pictured, mr. ammon):
this reunion overjoyed my heart.

i celebrated libby's tattoosday birthday at the state fair of texas with big tex:

i took the most romantic sunset ride on the tallest ferris wheel in the western hemisphere:

i went on a deep-fried food tour, which began with deep-fried bubblegum, and let's just say it left much to be desired:

the delightful fellow fair-goers:

the sole reason i went to the fair, which we wandered hours for...deep-fried chips and salsa...and it was well-worth the search:

you must be meet the minimum height requirement to visit guest relations:

hallow's eve 2011: devo.

i spent the first half of the evening reciting "whip it," hoping to trigger people's memory of this iconic 80's band. when i attended my second celebration, i was greeted with numerous people singing the hit single. i was also kissed by a dallas cowboy football player (we are using the term loosely)...only dreams coming true, folks...dreams coming true...

other delightful happenings:
  • a gashlycrumb evening spent with the loveliest ladies. it was an evening of autumn treats (you have got to love root and squash vegetable season) and my annual viewing of "eyes without a face." it's still just as scary as the years prior.
  • a fireside given by david byrne's doppleganger.
  • country dancing and twirling around the dance floor. such a delight. it's moments when i catch myself dancing around a saddle bejeweled like a disco ball, suspended high in the air that i love texas. 

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