Saturday, October 1, 2011

odd man out.

old news. i'm not eating meat again.

however, what i did not anticipate was the difficulty in my dad grasping this concept. note the conversation that took place this evening, after i had just explained how/why i am not eating meat (might i also mention i broke the news yesterday to him as well):

d: i think i may cook tomorrow. cooking on the grill would be nice.
e: oh yeah, i love grilled vegetables.
d: grilled chicken sounds nice. do you like grilled chicken?
e: well i am sure i would, but i'm not eating meat right now...
d: oh. yeah. just how long do you plan on having this last? beans and rice might be nice. perhaps i'll make that.
e: i love red beans and rice.
d: oh yeah? okay, i'll make that then. how do you like them seasoned? how about with some sausage?
e: .............................................except that then it would include meat.
d: you can always eat around it. seriously, between me and champ here, you are odd man out.
e: yeah. but there are so many delicious dishes we can make without meat. let me cook tomorrow!
d: yeah, i don't do well with your kind. i like my red meat.

i get it. i am in texas. not eating meat. i knew that this day would come. in fact, i plan on bringing my own sandwich to the church lunch tomorrow. why? because i am odd man out.

but really, that conversation just made me giggle. i love it. i love my dad.

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