Thursday, June 5, 2008

dancing in wal-mart

tonight i went to wal-mart to collect boxes, and i ended up finding myself dancing in an aisle instead. chelsea plugged her ipod into a speaker and we danced like there was no one around.

these past few days have been days of discover:

1) jimmy kimmel live is not live. that was one of my favorite parts about this show, not to mention how candid it was at times.
2) usher is everywhere. the appropriate question is, "where is usher not these days?" i saw him on the today show, jay leno and now jimmy. different outfits each time. same song. same choreography.
3) i also noticed how programed we are, as audiences, to cheer for the artist at specific parts. i wonder if the choreographer imagined the audience screaming when there was a particular dance move. their a-has are female cheers. either that or we find fascination in all the exact same parts of performances.
4) i discovered a perfect opportunity to move to seattle! i am stressed and it would be a lie to stay that i wasn't scared. i am sure that everything will fall into place and luckily have a wonderful, supportive friends here that reassure me the same thing, but it just makes it that much harder for me to leave them.
5) i love wearing rain coats! good thing i will be living in seattle is time to get some great use out of the thing.

now that i am not working, its amazing how much time i have on my hands. i wish i could get paid to do nothing all the time. i think i am really good at it. i can stay up late and sleep in. i can leave my house or not leave my house. i know, you are really jealous right?

that's it for now. i went bowling last night, so here is a little keepsake from that night:

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