Friday, June 20, 2008

She has arrrrrrrived.

i'm here. i am a seattlite. i had my goodbye party. i accidentally blistered the hot dogs. my texas family would be embarrassed by me if they were there. international cinema rocked my garage.

Chelsea and Matt surprised me with my dream bag from my bowling alley that I had been bowling at for about 3 years or so and they also made me a giant edible cupcake! Yum!

with only 3 days left in town, i filled it all with ang. she is back from her mission and it had been almost 2 years since we had seen one another! i am sad that we did not have more time with one another, but i know out friendship is here to stay.

now, i just need to find a job. one that i want that is. i always have the option to stick with old navy, but i would prefer it to not be an option. if you know of anything, PLEASE let me know. i will be forever indebted to you!


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