Thursday, December 11, 2008


That's how much it cost me to fill up my tank today with Mid-Grade. Can you believe it? When I first pulled up, I took note of the competing adjacent Shell station, with the one across the street being .05 more per gallon for regular gas. I thought about how ridiculous the difference in price was for the same gas, but people would pay no attention, because they are both strategically "conveniently" placed for its consumers. Then when I arrived to my station, I realized that they were out of regular. I sighed...and then begrudgingly began to fill up my tank with mid-grade. It didn't even cost more than $20 for my 10-gallon tank.

This idea should make me happy, but instead it made me uneasy, and distrust the oil industry even more. This is another for sure way to get consumers to get all comfy with their fuel consuming car again, so that when the new admin enters to create new regulations for such gas guzzlers people will be in an uproar. Well guess what...I WILL NOT BE A PAWN IN THAT GAME....but in the mean time my struggling, recession-victim bank account will love the pennies I save with gas right now.

Now, please lower the cost of diesel so my food can be cheaper please? Wendy's is raising the price of their dollar$1.29. That's enough for me to not eat there (Not that I really do anymore, but I forgot my lunch today and $1 buys me more there than at the grocery store...another sore topic I will discuss another day).

The moral of the story: Gas has gone down, and .29 makes a big difference.

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Hans said...

word. cheap gas is a sin.