Friday, December 19, 2008

Texas2Step -- Extended Cut

Seattle freaks out when it snows. This is both good and bad:

Good: Snow days from work (aka, working from home, but working in PJ's is a dream come true).
Bad: Flying home (aka, driving in a city where there are limited snow plows and people have never driven in snow before, flights being delayed, etc.).

The result:

9 hours of traveling and 1 giant zit later...

I tried to take a second to hide the bugger on my face, but it was just too big to hide...oh well...

But in the end the zit is worth it: 66 degree weather when I landed, 70 degrees I love Texas.

1 comment:

imri said...

man, now it's my turn to go to the airport early in the morning... dang lack of experience drivers. i can't wait for my Christmas though!! :D

have fun in texas, and thanks for being so great!