Thursday, December 11, 2008

Why the dead should never do duets with the living...

The result of such an action is this:

When I found this, it suddenly became a sad, sad day for me. If you know me personally, you now that I have a deep love for Elvis, and I have been listening to his Christmas album nonstop. When I found out there was a Christmas duets CD out, I excitedly looked up the album's track list, which ended up including duets like this:

BOO!!! I am sure Elvis is rolling over in his grave. I am losing sleep at night over this. CHRISTMAS IS RUINED!!! It did not work for Natalie and her father, so it most assuredly is not going to work for you. Sorry.
Dear Santa,
Please make over rated, sold out country artists stop using the dead to help them get further in life, which ultimately results in a terrible album. Thank you in advance!


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