Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 2. Boo.

So, I have decided, that I have to do baby goals if I am going to survive this thing. Today, I woke up grumpy. I scowled the entire time I drank my salt water, and then I could not go back to sleep, until 5 am. In fact, I kept having pop songs stuck my head.

The good news is that I haven't had to drink as much lemonade as I thought I would. Yesterday, I drank 3 1/2 and today I am still on my first. This means less cringing for me, and less making bottles, which becomes quite the chore. Wow, I have ended my good news with a negative note...oops.

On a real positive note, I think baby goals will work best. When I think about 14 days, I feel overwhelmed. When I think baby goals, I get excited.

Baby Goal 1: 3 days (almost there wooo!!!!)
Baby Goal 2: 5 days
Baby Goal 3: 7 days
Baby Goal 4: 10 days
Baby Goal 5: 12 days
Baby Goal 6: 14 days

The first few days are always the hardest. I will conquer!!!

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