Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"This is why I'm hot..."

  • Sometimes I really enjoy going to bed at 8:45, and then waking up at 3:30 am wide-awake. Instead of trying to go back to sleep, I think of potential blog posts, and play on the internet for a while. Around 4 am, I drink a giant glass of water and go back to sleep.
  • I love watching and reading the news, especially the same story, but from different sources to compare and contrast the angles.
  • I love listening to NPR (also a part of my love for news). One of my favorite segments is "Marketplace," but I find it to be a little harder to listen to, because I use to have a crush on Scott Jagow's voice, and now he only posts on their blog. Sometimes I would even arrive a few minutes late to work, just so I could finish listening to this program.
  • I also like to take my lunches at noon, sit in my car and listen to "The Conversation," and I like to converse with the program.
  • I check the mail everytime I arrive at my house, no matter what time, in hopes of something being there...mail, bills, surprises.
  • I'm a lemonade connoisseur.
  • My favorite color is orange, and it has been ever since I can remember.
  • I create movie ideas in my head on a regular basis. If you are a screenwriter, we should team up soon.
  • I dwell in the simple pleasures of life.
  • I've decided that the only time it would be okay for me to get arrested would be when I jump into the Locks as the water is rising. I also want to get a job there hooking the boats up.
  • I love IMAX films. I even own a few on DVD...yes, I know that this is self-defeating but they are quality films!
  • I love being a BYU cougar. Seriously. Sometimes it is a little embarrassing, but I have embraced and now I bleed blue through and through!
  • I also LOVE being a Texan, more than you will ever know.

This is not my "25 things you may not know..." These simply were my thoughts at 3:30 this morning when I could not go back to sleep. I now realize that I should work on a more normal sleeping pattern, and stop getting hip-hop songs stuck in my head..."Ever since I can rememba' I've been poppin' my colla', I've been poppin' my colla'."

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