Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dear Facebook...

My oh my you have changed over the years. You went from permitting only one profile photo saved to allowing zillions. Yes, zillions. That's fine. I like being able to have my options, and to be able to stalk others by scrolling through their photos.

You also allowed to start posting photo albums. At first, one at a time, and then later you allowed us to have multiples! You even let me tag my friends, so they know when they had photos of them posted.

You opened up your services to others, besides those who were in college. At first, I was opposed to the idea and afraid of it turning into MySpace. I soon realized that I could use this to my advantage and stalk my brother online, and now I can even stalk my dad (for better or worse)!

You went from just a basic profile and wall, to having applications, which aren't AS cluttery as MySpace, but it's getting pretty close. This is still okay. I just wish that wasn't published on my news feed. You also used to have my wall neatly displayed below my info, so there was less clicking required.

I have two real complaints:

1) Status conversations. Now, I have been known to comment on another person's status. In fact, I have been doing it more lately than ever before. I realized today that people abuse this privilage, and normally they aren't smart. I went to click on someone's profile (Yes, I was stalking, like you don't?) and I felt like my IQ had dropped done by at least 30 points by reading just a few of his/her status updates and the conversations that took place after. I guess the problem is not with you, Facebook, but the incompetant people that I, apparently, am friends with.

...So I guesss number 1 has been voided...okay, so here is the real number 1:

1) I hate the new set up. I can't seem to find anything that I normally would go to. I got invited to an event, and I had a hard time locating where I even needed to click to see it. Sometimes it is located in the top bar of my page and other times on the side. Make up your mind! I don't like how large the font is on the news feed on my profile. I don't like the news mixed with my wall. So, please, go back to the old you? Maybe? Just once?


Erin Leigh

P.S. Sometimes when people publish rediculously depressing and personal status updates I want to

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