Friday, May 14, 2010

oh. hey.

hello. life has been full of grandiose adventures. i have been a bit busy living life rather than documenting it. woops. anyways, here are a few pictures from as of late:

this is the mr. snail that is inhabiting my mailbox currently.

wonderful friends who celebrated my quarter-life crisis at sutra.

this is my delightful dessert that was almost sacrificed for this picture.

i just got back form texas, where i celebrated my cousin's nuptials. turns out wearing my cowgirl boots to the wedding was quite possibly the best decision i could have made all weekend.

grandpa, gran and mert.

perry, sean eric and karl. how my family keeps these troublemakers in line still is beyond me...

brandi and her new husband sharing their first dance.

brother and sister. best friends. and the masters of troublemaking.

dad and jill. cute. cute.

aunt joy and aunt chris. it was during this trip where i realized where my love for dancing came from. my aunt chris and i dominated the dance floor. 

my mom took me to this giant longhorn statue she found not far from her house. this is when i told her to pretend she was hanging on it's horn...instead it looks as though she is being blown away. you see? everything really is bigger in texas.

what is not pictured is my improvised trip to utah. my trip to the BC temple open house. my various visitors whom i show around and discover the town with. and me peddling shoes for a living. and so much more. okay. maybe i will see you again soon?

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