Monday, May 24, 2010


remember last year when i tried to watch all 4 1/2 seasons in a matter of weeks? not the brightest idea or the most aspiring goal i have ever set for myself...but eventually i caught up (after the minor lost overload/brake down took place. AND eventually all the "hard work" paid off. i have been hooked ever sense.

i have been gathering together with my fellow friends and countrymen as we relished in the last season of the show. last night i got together with some of my favorite people to watch the series finale. i put some "blood" on my left shoulder and attended the bash (held at the dharma meow station) as kate. thanks to hans, here are some pics of the gathering:

why do i have the greatest friends ever????

by the way, i was oddly satisfied by the finale. in fact, it made me happy that it all ended. and questioning...

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