Monday, May 17, 2010

record setting.

i have squealed twice in the past 12 hours due to small creepy crawlers.

this is embarrassing.

as many of you know, i take pride in my ability to not get spooked by the little ones that find themselves in our homes. in hawaii, i was nightly cleaning out my bed a number of cockroaches that decided to make rest in my bed sheets. i always had to shake my clothes out before putting them on for fear of them living in a pant leg. i did not squeal once. not even when i had one flying towards my face after a failed attempt to squish it.

in africa, i found myself oogling over the largeness of their insects. instead of running away, i tried to catch them. i even ate one...unfortunately it tasted like fish.

but last night, when i found a spider in the bed i was staying in, i promptly retrieved something to capture it, but when i missed and it jumped towards my face, there was sheer terror and definite squealing. and this morning when i looked down to see a moth on my hand, i definitely had a high-pitched squeal. now the spider i can justify, but A MOTH?!?! really, erin? really?


Nate said...

hahahahaha! not that your pain and squealing brought a smile to my face, but thanks for sharing. be courageous!

Keri said...

I really like this post.