Wednesday, January 18, 2012


tonight dreams are coming true. werewolf bar mitzvah is making its bowling debut. wbm brought luck to trivia night, so here's to hoping this transfers over to bowling as well.

last night we worked on making our team shirts:

continuing with the werewolf theme, we opted for flannel shirts. we also trial and error'ed (mainly error'ing) with spray-painting fluorescent yellow for our logo. needless to say we have decided that our shirts will slowly progress into pieces of art (hint: we haven't ruled out velcro'ing our sleeves on in order to rip them off to intimidate our opponents...too much?).

here's to wbm. may the next 8 weeks only bring bowling magic!!!

ps. what cool kid doesn't have their dad join their bowling team? seriously, it's a secret weapon i tell you...

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