Sunday, January 8, 2012


man. they were not kidding. 2012 is here and it is happening...for better or for worse...

in full disclosure, i had every intent on making this the most simplistic 6 months i have ever had...i should have known better. BUT the good news is that i am having an AMAZING hair day today and since i live with my dad (which is awesome) and he just doesn't have the same appreciation as my previous lady roommates to great hair days, i am know sharing it with the world wide web. i make no apologies.

i decided to incorporate leftover ribbon from wrapping supplies as a hairband. don't be surprised if you see this ribbon on your present. no apologies. 

and because, let's be honest, i cannot take a vain post seriously. FOR REALZZZZZZ.

ps. nyc4nye happened. it was incredible. pictures and video are forthcoming!


Holly said...

Erin - GREAT hair day! So pretty!

Little Lisa said...

You are so gorgeous. How do we live in the same state and never get together? I suppose Texas is really large...You are in Dallas or Austin? Message me.