Monday, January 9, 2012

eat fresh.

i love public transportation. so the subway in the big apple was a treat. beyond a treat. and perhaps i easily made myself quite comfortable:

  • i provided a handful of people directions (though, i can neither confirm nor deny that they were ever the correct directions or that they ever found their destinations)
  • i saw three rats, once of which i witnessed lose it's life to the train. but hey, you snooze you lose, right? (note, for whatever reason it reminded me of the character "splinter" from tmnt...this may have been because i was underground)
  • i was delighted to experience in some terrific dancing on my train, but my favorite part was watch all the cold, disdainful expressions warm up and end with beaming smiles as a response to the silliness
  • on new years, our packed train ride home was treated with the less-than-desirable aroma of vomit (someone celebrated a little too much), in which i am pretty sure homeboy was trying to ruffie me into spraying his ladyfriend's perfume up my nose. but that's another story for another day folks. i promise, it's much funnier and less ominous as it sounds. 
  • running into rob and dave on the train late sunday evening after i already said my goodbyes to them hours before. i love it when big cities become takes me back to seattle. 

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