Monday, January 9, 2012


notables from nyc4nye:

  • a cowboy-opera singer tour guide. we were seated next to one another on our flight to lga. he had a cute dog, so surely he was to be trusted, yes? either way, i am still i suppose the former is irrelevant.
  • taking a slide from the fourth floor to the second floor of the new museum.
  • eating pizza and more pizza and more pizza with ms. jendar.
  • accumulating more food than ever necessary from trader joes (i obviously was dealing with withdrawals) (also read: eating more chips and salsa than if that is even possible)
  • extremely loud and incredibly close
  • late night talks with ms. jendar.
  • walking. walking. walking. 
  • temple'ing. 
  • having a movie moment on the streets with who could have very well been the man of my dreams or been then the latest serial killer. either way, i am still here aren't i?
  • walking. walking. walking.
  • having the most delightful reunions with so many people! 
  • realizing that my feet don't touch the ground while riding on the bus.
  • finding more flavin at the moma. i love that flavin so much.
  • times square for midnight.
  • kicklining "new york, new york" whilst having confetti fall around me.
  • eating a vegan drumstick. delish.
  • a complete change of scenery.
  • and again, just spending time with ms. jendar. she is just superb. 
again. pictures/video/etc forthcoming. 

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