Saturday, November 1, 2008

D is for Detox, It's Good Enough for Me...

Let's hope that is the case, and that I have the will power to last the ten days!

Tonight I am starting my detox...I am solid-free and a lemonade concoction lover. Per Hans' request, I am blogging everyday of this journey. He is hoping for something a failure to make it to the bathroom in time...and I can assure, though it may not be to that extreme, there will be something embarrassing that occurs. Let's be honest guys, it's me we are talking about here. It pretty much guaranteed.

So in the meantime, if you see me over the next ten days, please feel free to cheer me on. Maybe make a sign or two exclaiming your pride in my detox. I promise I won't bite, and hopefully I can make it these ten days....

In the mean time, here is a commemorative moment: My first herbal laxative tea to kick off the marathon (Since I won't be consuming any solids, I am going to need something to get the toxins out of me):

In the mean time, one of my favorite things about driving to work, is seeing all the FedEx trucks driving out of the business park on their way to deliver, and then when I leave I just line after line of DHL trucks returning for the day. I always feel like I am in a movie when I see them...but I have been stumped in remembering what scene that movie from...maybe Home Alone? Anyone?

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kura2025 said...

I'd make you a sign but I'm not sure you'd see it. Go you and your detox.