Sunday, November 9, 2008

Day 9

It's a bittersweet thought process. I am excited to eat food soon, but I am getting sadder for this process to end. I am sick of the lemonade, but it has become my constant companion, my scapegoat, my partner in crime, my confidant. Soon I will be saying goodbye to it. Needless to say, Day 9 was a cinch, and went by all to fast.

Day 10=Last Day
Day 11=Lemonade & OJ
Day 12=Lemonade, OJ, Soup, &....drum roll please...BROWN RICE!
Day 13=Lemonade, OJ, Soup, Brown Rice, Rye Crackers, & Fresh Fruits and Veggies
Day 14=Whatever the Hell I want! (pardon my swear, but I feel like it was appropriate and celebratory)

Since starting this, I have begun to stock pile a lot of food from events that I have been to and freezing it for future use. I guess you can have your cake and eat it too!...not literally though...there is no frozen cake...I promise.

I would like to jump the gun and thank you all for supporting me...saving me left overs and checking in on me...I like these friends...A LOT.

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