Thursday, November 13, 2008


As I have begun to type this post, I just realized how old my hands are. Mind you, this is an odd portion of your body to analyze, but I do think that my hands are about 10 years older than the rest of my body. In particular, my left hand is much older than my right, which is interesting because I am right-handed. Maybe this comes from my years in retail, in which I carried most of the weight from the clothing on my left arm and hand. Pesky hangers.

I have completely reverted back to food. This evening I indulged in some pork with pomegranate goodness to accompany it. I am still mainly craving only fresh veggies though, so I am excited to pick up my box tomorrow. I am also looking forward to my red grapes that will be in the box as well. They are always so tasty.

When all is said and done, I have Vegas this weekend and only 4 assignments left in my English class. 2 tomorrow. 2 Friday night. Why am I just so darn cool?

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