Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Day 5: A Day of Hope

I am on Day 5! Half way there! I'm feeling pretty dang good today. I swear, I have turned into Pavlov's dog, because when I woke up to drink the salt water this morning, my body was already getting ready to dispose of everything inside of it. It was kind of nice, and I drank the entire bottle of water without drooling on myself...classy I know.

I feel energized and ready to go for the day!

In other news...How about those elections? When Obama reaced 283 and McCain conceded I got goosebumps. The right man was elected into office, and I truly believe that he will bring the change and hope to Americans that we need. It was such a beautiful historic moment between my goosebumps, my neighbors's party standing and cheering with gleeful tears, my downstairs neighbors dancing in the street with firecrackers and throughout the night cars would honk down the street in excitement.

Currently, Prop. 8 is at 56% saying yes to the ban. Thank you for all those who voted yes on this issue, you truly undestand the sanctity of the family. I listened in on a forum that was held at BYU just last week and it was really interesting. I have never heard the argument for the family put so eloquently and thoughtfully. The professor from Princeton put into words, what I was thinking in such an articulate manner. If you would like to listen, you can do so here.

I am back to having my own room again, and it is something or someone is missing...and suddenly it has doubled in size...which is cool too.

Overall: Cleanse is good. Future of our country is bright and in good hands. Life is good.


Anonymous said...

Obama is the devil. He is no President to me. If you knew ANYTHING about the Constitution and what the Founding Fathers did for us, you and anyone else could NEVER vote for the such an evil person. Do you even understand what he supports??? COMMUNISM. HELLO! Wake up everyone! He wants to spread the wealth, raise taxes, kill babies that deserve to LIVE, etc. He won't even salute the american flag... and you think he's going to bring about good change? You and everyone else just wait.. Then what excuse are you going to have.....

Chelsea said...
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Chelsea said...

yo anonymous... you have real problems.