Saturday, September 12, 2009


Lately my mind has been inundated with memories of this fateful year. I really, really loved that year...maybe it is because this is the year I graduated from college and so I lived it to it's full potential. So many shenanigans took place, and at times people kindly remind me of some of the trouble I caused, and I get a bit embarrassed. But I am glad I have them, because it keeps me in touch with my inner free spirit.

Anyways, I have been listening to Wolf Parade lately, and it takes me back to 2007 and fall 2006. It reminds me of when I lived here:
With her:
And sometimes him (just on the weekends and some school nights...don't tell BYU):
And we frequented the hot pots and sometimes frolicked around our house looking like this:
And AmberLee and I painted our room purple while listening to Wolf Parade.

Thank you 2007 for making my last year of college great. And thanks Wolf Parade for making a great soundtrack for it.

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