Monday, September 28, 2009

the "wow" factor.

this occurs at various times and manifests itself in numerous ways for different people. i had one such instance this afternoon.

have any of you ever been reading a book, and something in the book makes you say "wow!" aloud? this happened to me today.

i was reading and walking back to work from the tire shop. the author basically had just blown my mind in regards to the subject he was discussing, and in response i exclaimed an audible, "WOW!"

shortly, thereafter, almost immediately, i hear a guy's voice, "on your right." it takes me by complete surprise. i jump, he looks and laughs and continues to walk. i then turn red of embarrassment. not because he scared me, but that he probably heard my aforementioned "wow," which probably would have been more self-restrained had i realized that someone else outside of seattle actually used the sidewalks along the highways, and who was within hearing distance over the loud autumn winds. talk about a double-whammy surprise.

this occurrence also caused me to wonder if he was laughing, not because of my "wow," but whether or not i was walking in a straight line. i guess we will never know...

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Angela said...

i relish you. you blog about walking and wowing.