Friday, September 25, 2009

planning ahead.

it doesn't happen often. especially when it comes to halloween costumes. to be quite honest, i wasn't sure how i was going to top last year's costume that i so serendipitously created:
especially since last year, the coat found me. how does one top a muppet? i knew for sure i did not want to wear something quite as warm as the cookie monster coat. i also came up with costume just weeks before halloween. this is even better than previous years, as i normally come up with it the day of.

anyways, while typing away at work today, it hit me. i knew what i was going to be this year:

yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's the keyboard kitty. yes, it's the same cat that i have been inundating your inbox's with yet another occurrence that he is playing someone off. kanye cannot even interrupt this kitty. it is just that awesome. so look out for the keyboard cat on halloween. you just might get played off.

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