Monday, September 14, 2009


if you attended last night's pre-fireside dinner, you may have seen some untouched lemon cupcakes on the dessert table. they more than likely looked like they had been in some sort of accident, with the icing all scraped away except for the bottom left hand corner of the tray. probably one of the ugliest desserts you have ever seen...and i am not exaggerating.

it wasn't an accident that happened. it was my incapability of packing my backpack before leaving for the event. for some reason, i thought it would be an ingenius idea to pack them in the back pocket of my bag with my bike lock pressing on the top of the box, which led to the demise of the frosting during the bike ride, which ultimately ended up coating the inside of my bag.

the only brave soul that indulged, did so only after i witnessed her prodding the baked goods, probably checking to see if they were still alive, and i then pressured the stranger to take a bite. she politely stated that the flavor was still delicious, i think to make me feel better about my baking capabilities, but her face was not as amused when i explained they were store bought. oops.

needless to say, i shot any facade of my homemaking capbilities last night. or should i say smooshed?

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