Thursday, September 24, 2009

an a fair to remember.

i grew up going to fairs. i might as well have been raised at one. how could one pass up seeing Big Tex greet all the visitors as they entered the state fair? or going to the fort worth stockyards? the funnel cakes? the lemonade? in my youth, i even had a stunt of volunteering at the rodeo checking in all the show animals. yes, ladies and gentlemen, i was really that cool.

since leaving my roots i have only been to two fairs. i know, i am just as astonished as you. the southeastern idaho state fair and the utah state fair, only just to see styx and reo speedwagon (true story. i was there.).

last night i had the pleasure of attending the puyallup fair. it was great. i found lemonade. i saw the animals. i enjoyed the lights. and i went with some great friends, who happen to love photo booths as well. so perfect. can it be next year's fair already?

p.s. does anyone else get the pun on the title?


sarahwithanh said...

I get the pun and I love the pun :) I also love that movie!

Katie said...

I get the pun, Erin, very clever.

And ps: if everything works according to plan, I'll be seeing Big Tex next weekend. So excited.