Wednesday, January 14, 2009

LOST until further notice.

Yes, I have jumped onto that band wagon. A little too late if you ask me. I am under a great deal of pressure to get it all in, so I might be unavailable until further notice. I did my math this morning and I am under crunch time to get it all done in time:

4 seasons = 83 episodes
I've watched 13.
70 episodes to go.

I have been averaging 6 episodes a night (yes, I am fully aware of how embarrassing this is), and if I continue this pattern then I will have watched 42 by Wednesday. I am also eating lunch at my desk, so I can fit in 1 episode while I am at work during my lunch break: 4 episodes (I have a business lunch tomorrow).

Now I am up to 46 episodes. If you need to find me on Saturday and Sunday, you can find me:

a) At the Sister Beck fireside at 5 PM, Saturday.
b) At church on Sunday.
c) In my bedroom working on the other 24 episodes I need to work in.

I am up to the challenge and will not fail! So if we have plans, and I cancel, please don't take it personally. I can start having a life again next Wednesday, Jan. 21, after the LOST premiere.

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