Monday, January 19, 2009

Waving My White Flag

I am a stubborn person. I have been since Day 1 of my life. This Lost challenge that I have put myself up to, has caused me a great lack of sleep, junk food cravings and a numb mind. The show is pretty good, and I have really enjoyed watching it...

BUT...I can't do it anymore.

The episodes were adding up more quickly, with the finale episodes being twice as long, and certain episodes having two parts...I just could not justify doing it any longer. I am not a TV watcher, and I have watched more TV in the last 5 days than one should ever watch. My eyes are still glazed over, and my desire for a Diet Coke is still stronger than ever, BUT those days are over.

I am so happy to be back in control of my life. I may be stubborn, which is how this challenge came about, but I am more passionate about being in control of my life. Now it's time for me to make my to do list of everything I need to get done that I have been putting off.

I still want to watch the show, but at a more leisurely pace, with people. So, if you would like to Start on Season 3, Episode 4 with me, let me know!

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