Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A different kind of Lost...

On Saturday night, I was watching Lost with Imri and Rachel. My left contact began to really irritate me to the point it was starting to become red and watery. I went upstairs, took out my contacts and put on my glasses. I wore my glasses for the rest of the evening. I think I may have been drugged by the brownie ice cream sundae I made for myself, or by the Dick's I ate earlier in the evening, because I don't remember even taking them off or even going to sleep that night. Do you ever have times like these?

I feel like this happens to me more often then it should. Like my favorite sweatshirt, which I am now assuming is with my glasses. Or back in May when I couldn't find my keys. I can't find my favorite pair of tweezers, which is also probably in the same place as my glasses. When I meet people, I think I black out whenever they say their name, because I can remember the whole converation minus the part where they tell me their name. Sometimes I cannot remember a whole day, or where I am supposed to be going.

So I obviously have a memory problem. I have been trying to work on it. Creating lists, and increasing my Omega 3 intake, but it is obviously not working. Oh well.

Needless to say, my glasses have been gone for 4 days. They are cute and purple, and, suprisingly, look exactly like the ones this little boy is wearing in the pic at the top. He looks much better in them, and I need to have my eyes blink in more pics too.

If I somehow, wore them to your house, and I don't remember leaving them there, which happens quite a bit, or if I don't even remember being at your house, let me know? I can't wear contacts to work since I work in a lab, so right now I am without any vision out WA.

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Lesshalynn said...

I have an identical problem... I've lost my ipod. Life is hardly worth living. Especially since the cd that the radio is playing is currently skipping. I'm not even kidding. SO UNPROFESSIONAL!