Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Friends Know Me All Too Well...

Conversation via text...

(Voicemail from Imri asking if I have plans for Wednesday night)

Me: I think I may be having the elders over at 7, but I can always move the lesson. Plus, they have forgotten the last two times, so it's 90 percent not going to happen...What's up?
Imri: That's right! We can still do that, but I was wondering about maybe going to Ikea for school research? 
Me: Of course!
Imri: Awesome! We get to interview people and employees about the self-checkout! It should be fun. I owe you big time.
Me: No worries. It will be fun!
Imri: Talking to old people...I thought you'd be all over that.
Me: It's my specialty...

Seriously though. I love talking to old people. I love that my friends know that and want to include me in such happenings....YAY!!!

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