Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"Sleepyhead" - Passion Pit

Dear Mr./Mrs. Squirrel,
I saw you on my roof this morning. We made eye contact, and when I pointed at you and cursed you, you growled at me and ran back into our roof. The thing is, your scratching, burrowing and hissing/growling above my room is causing me to lose sleep. Can we create a schedule so that we can share my house: you can have the day time and I will have the night time? I hear night time is the best time to gather nuts. The point is, its because of you I couldn't sleep and I ended up watching 6 episodes of Lost last night. Now I am on episode 7 with a lack of sleep, and the sounds of your claws and hiss occupy my head instead of a song. We need to figure out something ASAP.
Your bitter roommate,
Erin Leigh


Chelsea said...

This is reminding me of Holly and her Racoon and the old exterminator man. Who knew it would someday happen to you? this better not mean that I am next.

Lesshalynn said...

i wish i was on episode 7... I haven't even started yet cuz my internet sucks real bad. Maybe I'll start using the school computers again... in other news, I miss you and like you.