Sunday, October 25, 2009


i found mine! where everyone...well at least the kj (karaoke dj for those out who are not karaoke aficionados) and the bartender (who remembers my affinity for shirley temples)...knows my name.

yes, this was my third saturday in a row...i debuted a new song, "to be with you," by mr. big. i had a couple slow dancing to my smooth ballad, and had the bar singing the chorus with me. and yes, there were moments when i sang with my eyes closed, and may have had my tightly clasped fist raised in the air for emphasis, but who needs the details?

i think that was the best night of karaoke yet...and to think that i wasn't going to go at all last night....


martha said...

wow, i am impressed. i want a Cheers of my own. :) maybe when i come up there to live next year, wooooot.

keyedcacophony said...

Oh, it's on.