Tuesday, October 6, 2009

if i did everything that my spam mail told me to...

...then i would:
  • get online RIGHT NOW and buy prescription medicine...probably from canada too...
  • let William Cheng intimate a money fund transfer of magnitude proportions (i mean this in only the cleanest way possible)
  • probably be able to understand "KQJFUDREKLCEKBKGZDHJW..."
  • never have "bout to mizz mah burthdai"
  • believe that it was divine intervention that Mr. Cann Eric Pettigrew contacted me and want me to swoon over him and his $3.5 million investment
  • have ordered a lot of Sony Vaio's
  • never report my income and always be in contact with the IRS' hotmail account
  • own a lot of discounted Rolex watches
  • and I would probably be multilingual, specializing in Chinese and Romanian.
BUT, unfortunately my torrid love affair with Mr. Pettigrew will never be, and for now, i will be an ignorant mono-linguistic person. BUT not a day goes by where i am fascinated by the subject lines of said e-mails, and more so fascinated by the people who actually respond.

NOTE: I do keep a side file of really great junk e-mails for me to read on bad days. They always seem to do the trick!

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