Saturday, October 3, 2009

friday night lights.

great friday nights include:

leaving work in the middle of a project, bc i found out there was zero traffic between the office and home. 18 minute friday evening commute rather than the 45 minute.

singing in the shower (though, have it be noted that for whatever reason i cannot remember an entire song, so it consisted of a verse or two of numerous songs, and loudly humming the parts of songs i could not remember the words to).

guilty pleasure cd exchange dinners.

oktoberfest root beer parties at the monster house.

attending a midnight showing of the rocky horror picture show, only to find out that we had the days wrong. next month i will be doing the time warp. mark my words.

and let's throw a cherry on this sundae by completing the night with a dance party in christian's bedroom.

seriously. so great. thank you friday. come again soon please.

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