Thursday, October 8, 2009


i love seattle. it's true. sometimes i scare myself with how much i love this city. afterall, it's the first city that i have felt comfortable calling home since leaving texas 6 years ago. it's the first city in 6 years that does not have me already plotting my next destination. anyways, here is quick, incomplete list of why i love seattle:
  • sunsets. at golden gardens. or just in the city. the large buildings turn into gold and the water hue is a deep blue with pink and orange highlighting the sky. too good to be true.
  • farming year round. i love that i get fresh veggies year round from local farmers.
  • the morning fog. it reminds me of the lake district in great britain. and also pete's dragon.
  • the ballard locks. mark my day i will be jumping into them.
  • gasworks park on sunny, sunday afternoons.
  • the burke-gilman trail
  • the space needle. guys, it seriously never gets old.
  • green lake
  • sasquatch...not the music festival.
  • first thursdays, and of course all of the other neighborhood art walks as well.
  • the library!
  • and the list could go on and on and on...
it's the fall, and with every new season, along comes more visitors. i am so excited for all of my upcoming visits, but i also really love giving tours...seriously, i think my dream job would be a tour guide.

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Rachel. said...

This is a good list.