Tuesday, October 13, 2009


hi. if you are not my dad but you are the same age as my dad, and i do not engage in eye contact with you, then please don't talk to me. it creeps me out. this happened twice today.

1. i am leaving the coffee shop next to my work, and as i look at the ground and concentrate on making sure i did not trip over my feet, i hear a "hi!" as i exited. i turned to find a man that could be the same age as my father greeting me as i left the store. he was eating his chicken noodle soup, and i gave him a puzzled glance. he smiled and waved, expecting me to engage in conversation. i continued to give him a puzzled look and turned around and walked back to my office.

2. i am leaving pcc, and i was concentrating on not dropping the contents i was juggling. i thought i would do my part in saving the world by not getting a bag. i know. i know. you can thank me later. a gentleman entered the store. i was less than 10 feet from the exit, he walks over saying "how are you doing?" and blocked my exit from the store. i turn around to be sure that this man, who could, again, pass as my father, was not trying to engage with someone who may have been behind me. but most assuredly not. it was me. i looked up, and gave him a half smile, and said, "have a good night." he seem surprised that i did not want to continue the conversation as i sidestepped him and quickly shuffled my way out of the store.

now i often, admittedly, get engaged in odd conversations with all kinds of people. there were a few other instances today that were kindly brought to my attention, but when we boil it down...if you could be my father...then it's just plain creepy.

but hey, at least i got half off at the store this evening....just a perk from one of the aforementioned random conversations, by someone who was not the same ages as my father. huzzah!

...have it also be noted, that it is through random incidences like this, that i was given my rip mj shirt....so i guess its not always creepy...just 90% of the time...

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Hans said...

old creepy guys need hot young love too.