Thursday, October 1, 2009

i look like amy.

today i joined a coworker of mine to a local restaurant near the office for breakfast. i was without an appetite (still recovering from some ill-fated food poisoning), so i waited patiently for him to get his food. as i was waiting, i turned and noticed a 4-year-old boy eating his breakfast meal with his mother, and he excitingly began to wave at me. i kindly returned his wave, not thinking much about it.

then as my coworker was finishing his breakfast, the young boy and his mom were walking out of the establishment and the lad stopped at our table and exclaimed to me, "hi! this is my pirate!" he proudly displayed his toy action figure for me to see. and so we began to engage in a conversation about his pirate, and how the pirate's wife fell off the boat once into the ocean, but now she is okay. AND most notably, that this is a good pirate that fights bad guys with the weapons he had attached to the toy's arms. it was quite an enthralling conversation, but then his mother soon decided that it was time for them to depart, so he ended with an excited, "BYE! You look like Amy!!!!"

I don't know who this Amy is, but I am sure glad that she is nice to him. Can you imagine if Amy was otherwise? The reaction may have been pure fright for the child...and that could have gotten a little awkward.

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Jo-Pete Nelson said...

I guess that Amy's pretty cute, then.